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About Stuart

familyStuart Keene Hine was born in west London on the 25th July 1899, just as a turbulent new century was dawning. He made his own personal commitment to Christ at the age of 14 and shortly after, he was baptised.

At the age of eighteen, Stuart was called up for military service in France. These were terrifying days, but Stuart’s faith remained strong. Returning to London, in December 1919, Stuart eventually found employment as a clerk with the Japanese multinational Mitsubishi.

Crossing-StreamMukachevoOn 20th June 1923, at Manor Park Baptist Church, Stuart married Mercy Salmon and within a month of their wedding they set out for Poland to begin a period of service in Eastern Europe which was to last for over sixteen years.

In June 1934 Stuart set off on a three hundred mile mission-by-bicycle to the people of the nearby Carpathian Mountains, little imagining how momentous it would be. It was this journey that gave birth to How Great Thou Art!