The Stuart Hine Trust CIO

The Stuart Hine Trust and The Stuart Hine Trust CIO

Registered Charity Numbers: 1168500-1 and 1168500

Privacy Notice

Stuart Hine Trust and The Stuart Hine Trust CIO is committed to protecting your personal data and working in accordance with all relevant data protection legislation. We value and respect everyone who is connected with us and keeping your data secure is very important to us. Your personal data is only used for communicating with you and is not available to third parties, without your permission. It is of course available to the trustees of both trusts and our financial, legal and professional advisers. All monies we receive are paid directly into our Bank. All payments we make are by cheque or standing order. The trusts do not have any credit cards themselves nor do they have any credit card information relating to our receipts or payments.

Our records may include:
Contact details – We hold your postal, email address and telephone numbers. Personal identification and biographical information – We hold details of your date of birth, status and ministry both past and present. Grant and support – We keep records of all the grants and support we make during each financial year in accordance with the requirements of the Charity Commission. Family details – We hold your marital status and details of your spouse and other family members.

How do we use your data?
Support and grants report – This report, which is only provided to Trustees, records the personal details, support and grants of all the individuals and charities we have served over the years. It is updated regularly from reports, prayer letters and personal conversations. Annual report to sub-publishers of grants made – This report, which is only provided to Trustees and our sub-publishers, details all the grants we have made during a particular financial year. This enables them to see where the royalty income
we have received from them is distributed.

How will we share your data?

It is available to the Trustees of both Trusts and our financial, legal and professional advisers and sub-publishers. How do we protect your data? – Your electronic data is held securely on the computer of the Secretary/Administrator and trustees of the Stuart Hine Trust and The Stuart Hine Trust CIO. Any paper records are held in a secure filing cabinet in the trust’s office. Your data is held only as long as deemed necessary and then is deleted/destroyed by secure means.

Your rights and preferences:
You have the right to:

  • See, correct or delete the data we hold about you.
  • Object to specific data uses, as described above.
  • The Stuart Hine Trust and The Stuart Hine Trust CIO will contact you by post,
    telephone, email or other electronic means unless you have expressed a particular
  • You may request details of all the information the trusts hold about you by submitting
    a written request to our Secretary/Administrator.

If you wish to discuss your rights and preferences please contact the Trust’s Secretary/Administrator:
Postal address: PO Box 198 Hailsham East Sussex BN27 9BN
Email address:
Telephone No: 01323 843948